Moko does it again with his LEGO super deformed version of Nemesis Prime! Excellently built and accurate, this build just has Moko’s name all over it.

First LEGO mech review of 2016! JAN LEGO’s P-4 mech minifig scale mech build has a really nice overall design, sweet color scheme, and lots of delicious eye candy details all over.

Part of playing with LEGO is being part of a community that shares the same passion you have for the brick. In my 2 plus years of returning to the hobby, there’s been a lot of ups and downs and I am taking this time to reflect on those. [Caution] This is a pretty lengthy article 😛  Looking back Before coming back to LEGO in 2013, I was mostly a stalker on anything LEGO and LEGO robots. Often reading about this thing called MFZ (Mobile Frame Zero) over at an art blog,  I became increasingly reinterested in an old toy that I had stashed awayRead More →

Hi there and welcome!  Been wanting to set this blog up for maybe a year now and finally getting around to it. Basically, this would be about LEGO primarily, but also a place where I can write about my other passions (design, fitness, food, my cat, internet shenanigans, etc). This blog would mostly be about my LEGO works where I go into more detail with the things I create and the nitty gritty of my personal build process. I’ll also be featuring other builders whom I admire, their builds, and my opinions on their creations. I’d also like to talkRead More →