RD-VIKSKAL02 Skalmöld Mk.II

Classification: Melee


An updated version of the Skalmold model with a more streamlined redesign, better stability, durability, and mobility. The Mk.II also comes with updated weapons to compliment the upgrade package.

RD-VIKSKAL02 Skalmöld Mk.II
RD-VIKSKAL02 Skalmöld Mk.II
RD-VIKSKAL02 Skalmöld Mk.II
RD-VIKSKAL02 Skalmöld Mk.II
RD-VIKSKAL02 Skalmöld Mk.II
RD-VIKSKAL02 Skalmöld Mk.II
RD-VIKSKAL02 Skalmöld Mk.II
RD-VIKSKAL02 Skalmöld Mk.II


This is basically a straight rebuild of the Skalmold (reFrame v2) from 2016. Originally, I had planned to redo this build as part of the r3build project but never got around to doing it. As the original Skalmold was supposed to be a light V3 reFrame, it was the perfect candidate for the V4 light design test.

This was actually built back in May-June 2021 as a test model for the light v4 reFrame. I had to put the photoshoot on hold due to life things. 

Inspiration and sources

As with the original build, this faction is highly inspired and designed after Valkyries and Norse Mythology. Hence the winged helms and more intricate motifs on the shield. 

Part of the inspiration for this specific faction are Mortar Heads from Five Star Stories, specifically the more slender models like the Phantom and the Mighty series of designs. 

The other planned builds for this faction will follow similar design elements. Currently there are 2 more planned builds for this faction.  


WIP Process

I. Head Build

Looking at the original Skalmold head, I wanted to improve the overall shaping on it by lengthening  the head and making the side visors cover the “cheeks” of the face better. I actually spent a few hours just trying multiple part combinations to get the right alignment to this. The flippers on the side was something I really liked to accent the helmet look. 

II. More head builds

As I was modifying the first head design, I ended up with 2 more head designs as I didn’t break down the failed versions. I then improved on their shapes since they were workable rejects. These were put aside as I’ll use them for future builds of the same faction. 

III. Initial body shaping and test fitting

The body build was simple enough to do as I followed a lot of the previous design’s look but improving on the functionality. The hard part was actually making it compact enough and adding in the side cockpit covers. I used the original arms and legs for the test fitting. 

I sadly won’t show more WIP photos on the body build as it will be part of the new V4 instructions. 

IV. Leg redesign

For this build, I opted to work on the legs first than the shoulders as I needed to make sure the legs looked like they would fit the light frame profile. Nothing too crazy for the assembly of this but getting the right thin shape was a little challenging. 

V. Shoulder redesign

I felt that the original Skalmold design’s shoulders felt a bit lacking in terms of character and made the silhouette weaker so that was a focal point for the rebuild. This pointed triangular shoulder design has been on my mind for sometime now and the Skalmold rebuild seemed perfect for it. 

VI. More Shoulder designing

I experimented a lot with this triangular pointed shoulder design. Compared to the previous photo, the shoulders here look the same but were built differently. I basically rebuilt the same shape with different slope pieces and a different orientation.  

One version I was experimenting with added wings to the shoulders to make it look more ornate but felt like it was overkill so I went with the simpler right shoulder. 

VII. Shield rework

The original Skalmold shield was something I liked very much as it felt like a classic shield with a symbol on it. I could have retained the round shield but decided to go with a larger rectangular one. This allowed me to redo the emblem on the shield and patterned it after the Ragnarsdottir emblem. 

An early version of the shield had some claws at the end to make it dual purpose but again, was too much so went with the simpler version. 

VIII. Sword and final touches

I actually didn’t like the original sword on the Skalmold as it looked too gimmicky so I decided to simplify it to a keyblade-like red sword. I’m not sure if this will be implemented with other reFrames under the same faction but I really liked how it turned out for the Skalmold Mk.II. 

A few final touches included fixing up all the details on the build and checking for shape consistency. One change was replacing the middle chest piece into the new 1×2 pointed curved slope piece then orienting the underlying 1×1 plate diagonally to further establish the Ragnarsdottir emblem. Inner leg shaping was also cleaned up. 

Notable Parts usage

Commonly seen as Minifigure wings. They’ve been released in various colors over the years. The handle part is just enough for a clip to attach to. 

A relatively new piece, this is almost the same as having a pair 29120 + 29119 but this combined version features a much sharper point at the vertex. 

I’ve used this piece several times as sword blades (as early as the Emissary back in 2015). 

Alternate Item No: 30061, 40672


If you’re curious about getting a custom reFrame from me, simply check out my Commissions section here in my website. I’ve written all the details you might need to order your own custom LEGO reFrame mech build and what kind of customization options you can get. 

Do take note though that I only do this in a very limited capacity. 

I open up slots for commissions here on my site and also announce it over at my various social media pages. I’d suggest following me on any/all of my social media pages below to stay updated on my work and commission slots. 

reFRAME v3 Instruction Manual

The reFrame System is a modular brick skeleton aimed to help both new and veternan brick mech builders create their own designs in a consistent size with modular capabilities. It was originally designed to be a basis for all my mechs in the Mech Wars universe. Having gone through a number of upgrades, the V3 reFrame can now house a minifigure pilot in the chest without sacrificing aesthetic or articulation.

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  1. Great build again. The shield is really impressive to me, as every time I build a shield for a mech it ends up being too heavy and the mech cannot hold it up. Not sure how you do it, magic touch maybe.

    1. Author

      Thank you! 😁🙏
      Two general rules I follow for shields. One is to use big lighter pieces such as panels or wedges and limit the smaller pieces so it’s not too heavy. Second rule is to strengthen the joints or at least find a way to “lock” it by limiting the movement of the shield arm to the positions the shield needs to be placed for photos. Hope these help for your next shield build. 😁

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