Metal Gear Sahelanthropus from JAN LEGO


JAN LEGO does it again with this amazing LEGO replica of Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain’s signature mecha boss.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the original model to the LEGO replica to show how accurately JAN LEGO reproduces this down to the tiny details.

It’s simply amazing how accurately he builds this starting to the shaping of the limbs and body, down to all the small extra details to make it look more like a real toy. The use of the SW Death Star piece is a perfect fit as well. This model even has the signature hunched Metal Gear Rex-ish mode!


You might be thinking that the color isn’t the same but there’s actually a recolored version of this model that fits how JAN LEGO’s model is color blocked.

While the only thing I’m uncertain about is how well this thing balances, as the stands in both modes makes me believe that it can’t stand on its own, it’s still an amazingly detailed and accurate build.

Check out JAN’s album of this build for more MGS LEGO goodness!


RIOBOT Sahelanthropus taken from here.


  1. YEAH… I’D SERIOUSLY BUY THIS FROM YOU. This would look soooo cool with my collection of video game action figures and random nerdy junk 😛

    1. I didn’t build this though this was done by a Japanese builder named JAN LEGO 🙂

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