Valiant by Omar Gonzales

Valiant - ReFrame

I’ve always admired and followed Omar Gonzales (a.k.a. Chokolat Shadow) since his earlier days of coming back to LEGO. The guy has brought in a completely unique aesthetic to the world of mech building and I’ve always loved that about his builds. Either it’s a rich and harmonious color palette, a unique weapon or head design, or maybe some really cool weapon on his mechs, this guy really has a talent for LEGO mech building. He’s even built LEGO replicas of the famous Jehuty and Anubis from the Zone of Enders games.

Recently, he’s purchased a copy of the Mech Wars 2015 Primer and has created this wonderful reFrame out of it in his own signature style and colors. I actually saw this build in its earlier stages and I’m truly impressed with the final version of the Valiant.

The very first thing that caught my attention was the bold purple color scheme with hints of yellow, followed by bits of trans neon-orange. Coupled with strong sections of black to solidify the look, it’s clear that Omar has a really good sense of color usage. Next was the wonderful shaping that was used for the torso and shoulders. Notice that the head is somewhat recessed inside a collar area and this really bulks up the entire design, making it a lot more macho. The shoulder design also brings attention back to the torso and gives it a bit more emphasis with the yellow pieces directing attention with the yellow “arrow” shaping pointing to the body. The legs are also notably his style again, featuring a sleek and thin profile on the lower calves and down to the ankles. This makes the whole mech look like it could sprint really well and has that whole athletic silhouette. Lastly, the main weapon (called a Gleace Gun), looks like it could easily take another mech with ease. It even has a functioning 1×4 shooting brick for extra pewpew!

Awesome and well thought build all throughout. Really happy to see him use the Mech Wars reFrame inner skeleton and add his own signature style to it. Feel free to check out his build’s gallery here for more pictures.

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