Ragnarsdóttir Classification: Melee Armaments: (1) SW-HROTTI(1) SH-SKALTWR An updated version of the Skalmold model with a more streamlined redesign, better stability, durability, and mobility. The Mk.II also comes with updated weapons to compliment the upgrade package. BUILD NOTES This is basically a straight rebuild of the Skalmold (reFrame v2) from 2016. Originally, I had planned to redo this build as part of the r3build project but never got around to doing it. As the original Skalmold was supposed to be a light V3 reFrame, it was the perfect candidate for the V4 light design test. This was actually built backRead More →

Marzan Empire Classification: ??? Armaments: (1) FT-HELLFIRE66 (1) FW-NEKOTE (2) MS-STLR8 The Oushiza is a one-of-a-kind Marzan unit, specially designed for one of its most battle-hardened generals. Battle data and accounts on it are rare since the few that reported seeing it were battle-shocked and couldn’t remember anything except that it was ruthless and precise. A pinnacle of Marzan destruction.  BUILD NOTES Similar to the Hyouga (reimagination of the  Zane’s Titan Mech Battle (71738) set), the Oushiza is a reimagined mech build in reFrame proportions and style of the Demon Bull King (80010) set from the Monkie Kid theme.  ThisRead More →

GensoClassification: Melee / Mid range Armaments: (1) SW-TANTO(1) ER-HYOUSAWA(2) MS-MITSUBACHI A mysterious white reFrame that has been encountered in cold regions of Eastern Asia. Rumor has it that it is piloted by a silver haired pilot. BUILD NOTES I started building this shortly after reviewing the Zane’s Titan Mech Battle (71738) set. The goal was to make a reFrame version of the Zane design, taking key design concepts and shrinking it down to the reFrame size and level of detail. An additional goal was to give my new work-in-progress built-brick reFrame body cockpit a test run with a fully platedRead More →

This set review will be more focused on analyzing the set in terms of using it as a starting point / parts pack for LEGO mecha building. Unlike other set reviews, I’ll be focusing more on the parts selection and if the set is worth it to be used for LEGO mecha building (specifically in the style I build in). I won’t be focusing too much on the minifigs, the overall build, poseability, stability, play features, etc.  I’ve always really liked the Ninjago line of LEGO for the mechs and the dragons. This Zane mech is actually a redesign ofRead More →

I’ve had my eyes on the Monkie Kid sets for a while now due to the potential of the newer parts for LEGO mecha building. The Demon Bull King set is one of the 2 large mech* sets that came out in 2020 for this new theme. Check out the article for the full review!

Ascendant Lords – Kingdom of VzirClassification: MeleeArmaments: (1) PA-ALVZRSCY-XY Along with the overhaul of his twin sister’s reFrame, Ran Al’ Vzir also had his previous Vzir’ Ran overhauled and updated. The much improved Vzir’ Regis has all the functional upgrades done to the Vzir’ Regalia. Unlike his sister’s mech however, Monarch Ran instructed Court Engineers for a more conservative upgrade. One request was to specifically retain the imposing look with its wide shoulders and caped design. The PA-ALVZRSCY-XY Scythe is also only slightly modified from its previous iteration. BUILD NOTES This build, according to the lore, belongs to the twinRead More →

To keep the Kingdom of Vzir’s fighting forces in top condition, the female Monarch, Rin Al’ Vzir, requested her Court Engineers to completely overhaul her Vzir’ Rin reFrame to match the newer reFrame models of neighboring countries.

Keeping up with their individual personalities and fighting styles, the new Vzir’ Regalia features a slender, more agile design and is now equipped with the SW-VZ-DUALR Dual Swords. The Quorus core flight module was further upgraded to allow better low altitude mobility. This is well protected by the new armor skirting design that also acts as extra flight stabilizers.

The Kobold was designed by the Progenitors as a cost-efficient mass-produced unit that’s capable of handling multiple combat situations in various terrain thanks to a quick-swap loadout system. While not as highly rated as the Dirius production model, its lower cost and high customization options makes up for what it lacks in performance.

The new Liberator line manufactured by the Marzan Empire is an entirely new approach to reFrame development. By retaining the core system throughout a variety of models and only making modifications mostly in limbs and armaments, it has allowed Marzan engineers to roll out 2 different models with varying roles in the same R&D duration as one reFrame unit.

Translated from the word Prosperity from an old pre-Quorus nation, the Fanrong serves both as elite reFrame unit and as a sign of Tian Guo’s wealth and military might. While not equipped with any ranged weapons like most reFrames in the Ascendant Lords, its high mobility coupled with the YANHU Fanrong shields allow it to quickly close in and cleave through reFrame ranks with ease with the PA-GUANDAO-FR.

It is believed that upon seeing this deep red reFrame that one will be blessed in good tidings. While this may be true for the inhabitants of Tian Guo, a newly formed Lordship that has deep roots to a long forgotten dynasty, seeing this on the opposite side of the battlefield isn’t so prosperous, even more when you’re within reach of its deadly PA-GUANDAO-FR.

From Sapiens to Ludens
We are Homo Ludens (Those who play).

Designed by Yoji Shinkawa, Ludens is the company icon and mascot of Hideo Kojima’s Kojima Productions video game company. Ludens wears an “extra-vehicular creative activity (ECA) suit”, and often carries a flag bearing the Kojima Productions logo – which is based off Ludens themself. Ludens is prominently featured in a video titled “Kojima Productions logo movie”, where they trek into the unknown of space and plant the studio flag into uncharted lunar ground.

Not So Lil Qwiky
Illustration by Freakyfir
Original Lil Quiky character design by Quiccs x Czee x Clutter Magazine

NanoTEQ Nutbuster Code Red OBOSEN
Original NanoTEQ / Nutbuster character design by Quiccs x DevilToys

The Dirius model was designed to be a high-performance mass produced unit that could be outfitted with different loadouts.

The first of its loadouts is the Full Armor package with reactive armor panels for major body parts. The extra armor raises the damage reduction of the Dirius by 200%, rivaling thicker armored reFrames although increasing the Dirius overall weight. Once an armor panel is damaged, the pilot can opt to discard that panel through the quick release locks on each panel.

The Sailia Dual is a high performance variant model of the NESF-MO7TSL Sailia optimized for long distance firefights. It is equipped with two RC-ELXXRAIL modified Rail Cannons and the MS-VMDUAL2 Rear vertical missile system.