So as part of this site’s purpose, I’d do an occasional feature of a mech that I like and go into the detail of it. This time, it’s a LEGO mech called P-4 by JAN LEGO.

I immediately liked this build for the level of detail and overall aesthetic. You’d think this isn’t that big of a scale build but a minifig’s top height would be around the ankle area. The whole raw pistons look work well with the color scheme of yellows with greys and minimal hints of red.

That body assembly is superb as well! Has the vented chest look but doesn’t look too clunky and has a nice level of shaping to it. The missile pod is also a very sleek design and fits the whole thing quite nicely. The back cannister assembly even houses a minifig pilot. Eye candy all over for this thing.

What I least like about this build would be the thigh assembly as I personally feel that it’s a little flimsy looking compared to everything else that’s solid in construction. Just a few beams making the reverse joint look and in my head I’m thinking “that’s a weak point for weight distribution right there”.

Feel free to check out the rest of the mech’s album over here.

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