This set review will be more focused on analyzing the set in terms of using it as a starting point / parts pack for LEGO mecha building. Unlike other set reviews, I’ll be focusing more on the parts selection and if the set is worth it to be used for LEGO mecha building (specifically in the style I build in). I won’t be focusing too much on the minifigs, the overall build, poseability, stability, play features, etc.  I’ve always really liked the Ninjago line of LEGO for the mechs and the dragons. This Zane mech is actually a redesign ofRead More →

I’ve had my eyes on the Monkie Kid sets for a while now due to the potential of the newer parts for LEGO mecha building. The Demon Bull King set is one of the 2 large mech* sets that came out in 2020 for this new theme. Check out the article for the full review!