Nemesis Prime by Moko

Nemesis Prime

I get really excited whenever I see Moko post anything new over at Flickr because I know it’ll be something really good. The guy excels at creating mechs and is one of the few Japanese LEGO builders I follow. Lately, he’s been doing a lot of SD (super deformed) builds of various mecha and Japanese pop culture characters.

This Nemesis Prime build just says signature Moko style all over. Staying true to the source material (a Generation 1 Nemesis Prime toy), the LEGO version definitely doesn’t look like LEGO at all. Moko even goes the extra mile with all these details. Then when you think it ends there, the build even transforms!

Check out his other Transformers builds over at his Flickr album. Amazing work as always and looking forward to what he builds next.

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