Welcome to the Commissions Section!

If you’re looking to get your own brick mecha made by me, this is the place to be! In this section, you’ll find all the valuable information concerning ordering your very own Messymaru commission piece. 

Kindly go through all the things listed here to avoid any misconceptions. If you have anything you’d want clarified or explained further, feel free to send me a message on any of my social media pages (FB / IG / Twitter) and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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Note that I only do a maximum of 1-2 commissions per year due to the amount of time and work each commission takes. 

Next Commission Selection Lottery Draw

TBA 2021

Cut-off for entries:

Join the Commission Queue List for a chance to get selected for a commission. See details under Commission Queue FAQ 


Last updated: Jan. 31, 2021

What is a MessyWorks Commission?

General Info

A MessyWorks Commission is a custom designed LEGO mech build based on the reFrame system.

I treat it as a collaboration between myself and the client meaning the finished design will incorporate as much input as possible from the Client. I take this approach so I can build them the best LEGO reFrame mech as possible that’s worth every bit they’re paying for. 


Each commission piece comes with the following:

  • One (1) specially designed reFrame V3 build
  • All parts associated with the build
  • Printed Instruction Manual
  • Digital Instruction Manual (optional)
  • Parts list as .XML file to be used with BrickLink
*Minifig is for photo purposes only and won’t be included in the final package. 

This whole package will be delivered to the client upon turnover. 


Commission pieces will revolve around the client’s chosen concept and not meant to copy an existing mecha design adapted to the reFrame design.

I do not accept commission pieces that will be based on making existing commercial mecha designs (ie. Gundam, Macross, Evangelion, etc.)

My commission prices are non-negotiable. For reference, the frame I use already costs 75.00$ USD and is included in the whole build.


I only use official 100% LEGO pieces for all my builds, including commissions. This is the main reason why your commission piece comes with an Instruction Manual so you can rebuild things in case something happens to the model. 

I sadly do not accept returns if you damage the model or break certain pieces as these are outside the scope of the commission. It is assumed that you will put the commission piece in a safe display area and follow the care guide included in the instructions.

Commission Step-By-Step Guidelines

1. Consultation

The Client gives his preferred theme / look + preferred color + weapon choices. After which I check if the request is feasible to do with existing LEGO pieces or would need some compromise. 

The more reference material you send, the better! Hopefully not too much that it makes it hard to decide on the look, but enough that we can have a good idea on what the finished build will be. 

During this phase, we also discuss the exclusivity of the commission piece. 
*See Commission Packages regarding exclusivity and pricing details

2. Down payment and formal start of the commission

An initial down payment of $20 via PayPal when commission formally starts (Build Day 1) is required as security deposit. This guarantees the commission is a GO. It also guarantees that I must fulfill the Client’s build.


  1. Any cancellation from the Client after down payment has been made will not be refunded.
  2. An unpaid down payment after 7 days will forfeit your commission slot.
  3. If for some reason I cancel the commission, I will refund the down payment.

3. Initial design report

I send the Client an initial draft of the design, either as an actual build or sketches or even both. This can take around 2 weeks – 1 month from Build Day 1.

This allows the Client to check if the build’s aesthetic direction is going to his/her parameters. Feedback and design changes are accepted at this point upon discussion and agreement by both parties. Kindly take this chance to comment on the build (what you like / don’t like) so that it can be discussed and changed if necessary.

*Note that progress reports might vary depending on the season and/or my schedule. Holiday seasons is when I’m usually busy with other non-LEGO things.

4. Project updates

I will message the Client build updates as needed to check with the Client if any revisions are needed. Major revisions (change of overall concept, main colors) are no longer allowed at this point unless with valid and reasonable concerns. Sometimes I will delay the commission if I’m expecting The Lego Group to release a bunch of new pieces that will improve the build. 

5. Finalized build completion

When I feel the commission’s design is done, I’ll present it to the Client. If the person gives the final OK, the build is prepared for cataloguing / recording. This begins the Instruction Manual design phase. 

6. Making the instructions

This is often the longest part of the commission as designing an Instruction Manual for one of my builds take roughly 1-2 months. If you’re aware of my instruction manuals, its not just the step-by-step guide to build the model but also come with extra content about the build. 

7. Payment and Turnover

Based on the agreed upon package, the Client pays the completed commission fee and begins the turnover process.

Local / International shipping options will be discussed. Shipping fee is always shouldered by the Client and is added on top of the total commission fee. $20 USD security deposit is deducted from total. Payment is done via PayPal deposit, upon which an invoice is sent out to the Client. 

Once proof of full payment is presented, I will deliver the commission piece to the client. 

*International shipping will be via DHL (as of 2020). 

Feel free to ask questions about any of the above guidelines. I’m also open to discuss different payment methods, shipping options, etc.

Commission Packages

Starting 2020, I’m introducing various commission packages as a way to give different commission price points.
I’ve listed below how each package differs and their starting prices. 

Finished builds can be signed if the client wishes. Instruction manuals will always be signed as well as the proof of authenticity. 

PACKAGE A: FullY ExclusivE


FULL EXCLUSIVITY means the finished model will be yours and yours alone. I can’t and won’t sell the same model or instructions to anyone else under any circumstance. 



SEMI EXCLUSIVITY locks the finished design for 2 years exclusively to the client. After this 2 year lock in period, I can start selling the instructions either on my site or during events either as instructions and/or as a finished model. 



NO EXCLUSIVITY. I’m free to sell the instructions of the commission model on my site and in events.  Immediately after the commission is concluded, I can put up the instructions for sale on my site or sell it at events. 

All packages, regardless of pricing tier, will receive the following: 

  • Commission model with 100% LEGO pieces (wrapped in bubble wrap / foam by body part)
  • Signed Printed Instruction Manual
  • Digital Instruction Manual (PDF – Optional)
  • XML parts list compatible with BrickLink
  • Signed proof of Authenticity
Commission Queue FAQ

Starting 2020, I’m implementing a lottery selection for commission projects. If you’d like to be added for consideration on a commission, kindly send me your name and valid email either via my Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram (best to message me on FB for highest visibility). 

Entries with incomplete names and/or contact details will not be added to the list. Please also note the strict deadline (GMT+8) for queue submissions as I will not add names past the deadline. 


Message YOUR Info

Send me your NAME and EMAIL on one of my social media pages (Facebook page best option).

I’ll add your name and email to the queue list. This list will serve as the pool of names I’ll be picking the next commission piece from.

I’ll use a randomizer to select from the group of names to give everyone equal chance.

Getting added to the commission queue list costs nothing but is limited to one person.  



Check this site or my various social media when the Lottery draw will be and the results.

I’ll randomize the names on the date listed at the top of this page and will also make announcement about the commission slot lottery on my social media accounts. 

Even if you miss the exact draw, I’ll be posting results on for a time so everyone can check. 


Check Your email

If you got selected, reply within the 14-day window if you'll proceed with the commission.

If your name is the first on the randomized list, you will be messaged on your provided email if you wish to proceed with the commission. You will have a 14-day window to respond yes/no to proceed.

Failure to respond within 14 days forfeits your commission slot. I proceed to the next person on the randomized list and repeat the contact process. 


Start Commission

If you reply yes, we start discussing the commission details and go through the commission steps.

Once a person chosen starts with the commission, I’ll change the date on the upper right for the next round of draw. This date might change depending on the length of the on-going commissions so please check back every now and then. 

Please make sure that when you send your name and email for the list, I reply / acknowledge that I’ve added your name.
I can easily miss it due to the time of the day / volume of messages / etc. If you don’t hear back from me, kindly message again.

Other questions about the Queue

Will our details be shared?
Only thing I’ll disclose are the first names of the entries from the randomized list. Due to privacy, I will not reveal further information and will be directly emailing the person chosen. 

Where can we see the results?
I’ll be posting the results of the lottery draw over at my Facebook page (MessyWorks LEGO), Instagram Stories, and Twitter. Please make sure to follow me on these to have the best chances to see if you got selected. Even if you don’t see the posted results and got selected, I’ll be messaging you via email. 

What if I’m not selected?
Names not selected in one selection round will stay on the list unless removal is requested by the person. This automatically makes you eligible for the next commission queue selection. 

Are queue slots transferable?
Sadly no. If you cannot accept the commission when your name is selected and decide to forfeit, you have to rejoin the queue selection for a chance at a commission.

What do you do to multiple entries to the same person?
If I suspect multiple entries from the same person, I’ll place them in the black list. This also applies to any person suspected of getting an unfair advantage in the queue selection. 

What is the black list?
Being on the black list means you can never request for a commission. 

Previous Commission Works
AL-KT02GS Izlude

Based on the Ascendant Lord’s Paragon reFrame, the AL-KT02GS Izlude is a 3rd generation reFrame that’s been commissioned for Capt. Tengille of the Knights Templar order.

NESF-M07XX Sailia Dual

The Sailia Dual is a high performance variant model of the NESF-MO7TSL Sailia optimized for long distance firefights. It is equipped with two RC-ELXXRAIL modified Rail Cannons and the MS-VMDUAL2 Rear vertical missile system.

NESF-M07DES Sailia Oenanthe

A color-swap variant of the Sailia OG. It was actually the pre-cursor to the OG color scheme and was the test unit for the OG’s loadout.