New Year & Beginnings

Hi there and welcome! 

Been wanting to set this blog up for maybe a year now and finally getting around to it. Basically, this would be about LEGO primarily, but also a place where I can write about my other passions (design, fitness, food, my cat, internet shenanigans, etc).

This blog would mostly be about my LEGO works where I go into more detail with the things I create and the nitty gritty of my personal build process. I’ll also be featuring other builders whom I admire, their builds, and my opinions on their creations. I’d also like to talk a bit more about my passion with LEGO, offering commentaries on specific sets and parts that could be useful in the art of LEGO mech building.

Occasionally, I’d write few things on graphic / visual design, featuring a logo or font here and there and talk about my experiences being a graphic designer on the side.

There’d also be some things on working out as I’ve been an active individual for the past decade or so, coming from a track & field varsity background and now going into Crossfit.

Thanks for dropping by and do enjoy!
And a Happy New Year to everyone 🙂

– Lu “Messymaru” Sim

Photo credit: Opening of Himouto Umaru-chan

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