reF-X06-R Kobold

Classification: Melee / Mid Range


The Kobold was designed by the Progenitors as a cost-efficient mass-produced unit that’s capable of handling multiple combat situations in various terrain thanks to a quick-swap loadout system. While not as highly rated as the Dirius production model, its lower cost and high customization options makes up for what it lacks in performance.

The X06-R basic loadout features the standard AX-KT3HEAT melee thermal axe, the GA-5BMINI mini gatling gun for a range option, and the SH-REACTCRV shield for extra defense.

reF-X06-R Kobold
reF-X06-R Kobold
reF-X06-R Kobold
reF-X06-R Kobold
reF-X06-R Kobold
reF-X06-R Kobold
reF-X06-R Kobold


I’ve actually had this project on the pending build list for over 2+ years, slowly accumulating my sand green pieces for the build. I’ve had a dismantled Statue of Liberty set for a while now and finally got around to putting all the parts from that set into my bins. I also recently parted out 2 sets of the Overwatch Wrecking Ball 75976 set so that was a huge help in boosting my sand green parts. 

Initially this build was going to be named Goblin (I’ve had this written in my mech name pile for a while) but a local buddy of mine recommended the name Kobold instead and that sounded way better. 

A lot of the design considerations for this build centered around the available Sand Green parts that I had. I knew I didn’t want to make it all sand green and wanted to mix some grey to visually color separate the body parts better.

Inspiration and sources

I’ve been wanting to do a heavily Zaku inspired build for the longest time in the appropriate shade of green so that was the main inspiration for the Kobold design. Color palette and blocking also borrows from various grunt mobile suits from the Gundam UC timeline (like the Jegan, RGM-79) as well as other notable Gundam grunt units like the Leo from Wing and the Graze from IBO. 

Rough sketch of the shapes I wanted for the build

WIP Process

I. Head Build

I actually had this head build from when I dismantled my Statue of Liberty Architecture set. Initially, I was going to build a mech with only the parts from that set with a basic reFrame v3 kit but I scrapped that as there wasn’t enough functional pieces in the set. I’ll probably revisit the idea someday.

II. Initial core body

I wanted the Kobold to have a bulky/chunky mass-produced vibe to it so a lot of the core shapes and geometry centered on that. I consciously avoided using the 1×2 curved slope pieces to really give it that grunt vibe.

III. Initial Arms and waist tubing

I knew from my initial sketch that I wanted the shoulders to be cylindrical or part spherical. The 2×2 round brick with holes was an ideal candidate but there was the issue of how I’d connect that piece to the shoulder socket on the body and attaching the double Mixel ball-jointed elbows. 

Tubes were temporarily fitted to check clearance of the cockpit hatch when opened.


I was highly considering building front thigh armor skirts for the Kobold, following a similar design from the Dirius (which would make sense as that precedes this model) but eventually scrapped that idea. 

Lower leg shaping was also made chunky to match the shaping on the body. 

V. Highlight Color

At this point in the build, I was debating whether the Kobold’s color scheme was too dull / muted. The initial idea was to make the entire tubing in yellow but it ended up being too strong and caused a visual split between the upper and lower body sections.

I ended up experimenting instead with hints of orange striping in the torso and legs but felt that this made the unit looked too specialized. I also consulted with close buddies on this for a few days and talking to them helped me settle on the orange shoulder instead. 

VI. Asymmetrical details

I started adding details to the build to make the design more realistic. A roller skate piece was added on the left chest to continue the LBG striping and also give it an extra detail. 

Since this build is highly inspired by the Zaku, I added a single-shoulder shield attachment to the design that clips on the cockpit hatch lock to avoid weight strain on the fragile shoulder assembly. Light mechanical greebling was added to the top of the orange left shoulder to balance the look of the right’s shoulder shield. 

My favorite added detail here were the orange circle with diagonal lines which is the underside of a Technic rubber piece (see parts usage section below). 

Vii. Weapon building

I actually had the gatling gun barrels lying around as a table scrap build for quite some time. This dual gatling gun design was based off the Gundam Wing Serpent (and Heavy Arms but more of the Serpent) but felt that the design didn’t quite fit the basic grunt profile so reduced it to just a single gatling. 

The axe build (not shown) was initially supposed to use the big axe blade piece from Nexo Knights but it didn’t have the look I wanted when I plated it up. I went with 3 smaller axe blades to get that curve and neon orange edged blade look. 

Viii. Backpack assembly

If you follow my builds and build style, you know I love using the minifig flippers to create a heat vent look. I was trying to incorporate these into the legs and chest but didn’t have enough space to work with. The backpack was the perfect place to squeeze them in. 

I eventually scrapped the thrusters seen in the photo here as they were too bulky and would hit either the gatling ammo containers or the end of the axe.

Notable Parts usage

I. Orange circle with line

Technic, Link Tread Attachment, Single, Rubber

These are actually used as rubber pieces for Technic Treads to give them extra grip on surfaces. Only comes in Black and Orange. I’ve used this piece previously as the missile heads for the Sailia Dual. 


Brick, Round 2 x 2 with Pin Holes

First time I saw this piece I knew I had to have a couple of them in all the colors possible. It’s an interesting piece to use for mech building as the two pin holes can be slotted with Technic pins and the 2×2 round brick gets used a lot for boosters / cylindrical mechanical details. 


If you’re curious about getting a custom reFrame from me, simply check out my Commissions section here in my website. I’ve written all the details you might need to order your own custom LEGO reFrame mech build and what kind of customization options you can get. 

Do take note though that I only do this in a very limited capacity. 

I open up slots for commissions here on my site and also announce it over at my various social media pages. I’d suggest following me on any/all of my social media pages below to stay updated on my work and commission slots. 

reFRAME v3 Instruction Manual

The reFrame System is a modular brick skeleton aimed to help both new and veternan brick mech builders create their own designs in a consistent size with modular capabilities. It was originally designed to be a basis for all my mechs in the Mech Wars universe. Having gone through a number of upgrades, the V3 reFrame can now house a minifigure pilot in the chest without sacrificing aesthetic or articulation.

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  1. very cool, i wish i had the pieces to build a reframe but sadly i dont have the nexo knight cockpit piece. still a cool build nonetheless!

    1. Author

      Thank you! 😁
      I’m still praying they re-introduce the piece back into the newer sets. I’m planning to update the reFrame v3 core assembly to include an alternate brick built cockpit (several prototypes already) but its really hard getting a compact yet rigid assembly to house a minifig.

  2. I noticed in several places that your name is in the images. Those aren’t branded pieces, right?

    Also I don’t have the nexo knights cockpit piece either; it’s usually a dollar or more on bricklink, so I’ve resorted to my own design that has a few stability issues but works regularly. I’m curious to see what you come up with for reframe v.4 and how the new cockpit relates to mine…

    1. Author

      Not branded. Just a watermark as I’ve had pictures used without permission.
      A dollar on BL (if new) is still the going rate I’ve been getting, even locally. Probably won’t be a while before a reF V4 (maybe a 3.5).

  3. Also by the way you described both parts as “Orange circle with line”

    1. Author

      Thanks for pointing that out. Fixed now 😁👌

  4. Any chance you sell the instructions for this?

    1. Author

      Not anytime soon 😅

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