MARZ-M02MA Herald

Designed as a special production high performance unit, the Herald was built to test new energy weapon theories developed by Marzan engineering. It is equipped with the LR-MALR02C laser rifle and is the first Marzan energy based rifle. Auxiliary boosters have also been attached to the Herald to increase it’s mobility along with shoulder mounted auto guns.

Classification: Medium range Combat
(1) LR-MALR02C

MARZ-M02MA Herald

MARZ-M02MA Herald


Build Notes:

The Herald is actually a model based on the Executor as the base model for all v3 Marzan faction builds. I envisioned it as a more all around high-spec model compared to the melee focused Executor build. To have some aesthetic consistency, most of the chest, shoulder, and arms are almost recolored identical builds. I decided the thighs and shins would be slightly different while the feet would be a narrower version of the Executor’s wheeled-heel foot design.

Back then, this was just a general plan for the new Marzan aesthetic.

The Herald design was actually sketched from a long time ago (I think roughly a year ago mid-2017) as I’ve been wanting to upgrade the Marzan aesthetic for quite some time. Among the three starting factions I had for my Mech Wars universe, the Marzan Empire builds were the least touched as lorewise, they needed a lot of transparent parts embedded within their reFrames. While this was a nice differentiating quality to have, it was hard to build newer designs as there was a parts limitation with transparent pieces being limited in quantity.

I decided that for their V3 reincarnations, the new Marzan builds would have a combination of transparent pieces and rare-earth pieces (gold, silver).

WIP Process:

As with most of my builds, the Herald started with the head construction with the eyepiece made out of a trans-purple crystal part I’ve had stored for the longest time.

Lego Rock 1 x 2 Crystal Stepped

Too bad the finished build barely shows this as transparent eye pieces often get lost in the dark areas of the head design. I had tried using a 2×2 dish instead for the eye but just didn’t have that same oomph that I wanted to go for so stuck with this.


The body, shoulder, and arms were pretty much a recolor with a slight retweak of the Executor body assembly. Major differences include minor tweaks to how the chest pieces are connected, a small circular area in the abdomen, different shoulder weapons. The waist also has this flexible hose going around the back to just add some detail into the back view.


Building the thighs proved to be a fun challenge as there’s a different design for each thigh plus the purple striping on the cleaner looking thigh. I wanted to go for the look done in the sketch as much as I could. Actually, the way the thighs are built are different for each thigh but built to look like they’re both on a 2×4 plate area.


The last part to do was to build the weapon for the Herald and I imagined this laser rifle with a gold barrel and a stocky magazine. I had actually referenced off the Year 1 Destiny Raid weapons (which I played fanatically for a few months :P) and they had the same color scheme and vibe I was going for.

The back build is more or less the same as the Executor but with extra booster units for that added mobility on this unit.

That’s it for the Herald! This is currently one of my favorite color palettes among my  builds as the whole white-purple-gold just has that regal vibe to it.

I’m still going through a few backlog builds so please look forward to the next post 🙂

reFrame Version 3.0 frame (instructions / full kit) now available
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  1. The chest build is outstanding! Though I saw it on the executor(or was it executioner?) the chest build really stands out of the build for me. And as always, your build is amazing!

    1. Author

      Yup it was the Executor build ^^ Really glad I was able to get the Marzan’s organization look on the chest just right especially having migrated the design from the old chest build to this new minifig cockpit design on the reFrame V3. Thank you for the comment! 🙂

  2. I loved the color scheme and the overall build. Are you going to sell instructions, because it is really cool. I am INSPIRED

  3. This is awesome. Are you going to make instructions for sale? This is probably, in my opinion your best ReFrame build.

    1. Author

      Thank you! 🙂 Probably wont make instructions for this as I normally make instructions from more generic builds but who knows? 😀

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