Marzan Empire Classification: ??? Armaments: (1) FT-HELLFIRE66 (1) FW-NEKOTE (2) MS-STLR8 The Oushiza is a one-of-a-kind Marzan unit, specially designed for one of its most battle-hardened generals. Battle data and accounts on it are rare since the few that reported seeing it were battle-shocked and couldn’t remember anything except that it was ruthless and precise. A pinnacle of Marzan destruction.  BUILD NOTES Similar to the Hyouga (reimagination of the  Zane’s Titan Mech Battle (71738) set), the Oushiza is a reimagined mech build in reFrame proportions and style of the Demon Bull King (80010) set from the Monkie Kid theme.  ThisRead More →

The new Liberator line manufactured by the Marzan Empire is an entirely new approach to reFrame development. By retaining the core system throughout a variety of models and only making modifications mostly in limbs and armaments, it has allowed Marzan engineers to roll out 2 different models with varying roles in the same R&D duration as one reFrame unit.

The Consul was designed to replace the Envoy as the standard issue unit of Marzan reFrame forces. This highly dependable machine boasts of excellent offensive capabilities with its new 5-barrel GA-5BA003C gatling gun and MS-SHMB2M missile system, coupled with the SH-RIOTM1 shield for extra defense.

Designed as a special production high performance unit, the Herald was built to test new energy weapon theories developed by Marzan engineering. It is equipped with the LR-MALR02C laser rifle and is the first Marzan energy based rifle. Auxiliary boosters have also been attached to the Herald to increase it’s mobility along with shoulder mounted auto guns.

The successor to the Emissary model, the Executor is a complete systems and mechanism overhaul that is based on the results from the Herald test unit. It now has better overall performance as well as increased Quorus synchronization, allowing it to go into an Quorus Overdrive mode.

After numerous successful campaigns against Marzan supply lines, a tired Empire decided to give in and parley with the mysterious pilot of the QU-KRSW, codename: “GHOST”.

First full reFrame mech build for 2016. The Mediator is a heavy reFrame designed to punish opponents in close combat.