MARZ-M02CA Executor

The successor to the Emissary model, the Executor is a complete systems and mechanism overhaul that is based on the results from the Herald test unit. It now has better overall performance as well as increased Quorus synchronization, allowing it to go into an Quorus Overdrive mode.

Classification: Melee

MARZ-M02CA Executor


Build Notes:

Not originally part of my r3build project but I’ve always had a soft spot for this guy with his dual swords so I figured I’d also upgrade him as a precursor to the Marzan faction aesthetic version 3 upgrades.

The original mech is actually called the Emissary (Formerly called the Schwarze Feuer before I reorganized the naming system for my Mech Wars) and was also the basis for my Kurosawa (Kurosawa and Kurosawa Kai) series of builds. This was also the second Marzan mech design I built back in 2015 and was actually built to emphasize the embedded Quorus trans-orange parts found in Marzan units (highly influenced by the NT-D system on the Unicorn Gundam and the glowing areas on Zone of Enders Orbital Frames).

The plans for the rebuild was to update the design to my new more detailed build style. I decided to keep the chest almost the same and the thighs as these were signature areas for the Marzan faction. The shoulders would have to go through some significant changes while still having those transparent parts in them to accommodate the new shoulder accessory attachments found on all my V3 builds.

WIP Process:

I hate to say it but there’s really not much WIP documentation for this build as the upgrades happened quite fast 😛 The only parts I really took long in making were the head build (completely new design) and migrating the original chest design to the V3 reFrame cockpit cover and that didn’t take as long as I expected.

Test fitting the new head and V3 torso unto the V1 arms and legs

For the legs, the thighs were actually stripped down by 2-3 pieces. The lower leg was completely rebuilt and had these new knee pieces installed and  the feet were upgraded to be just as wide but had more detail in them. I also wanted to add wheeled heels as this would have been a highly mobile ground melee unit.

Upgrade complete!

The arms were made quickly as well as the right pieces just fell into place in a few tries. The shoulder accessories are actually supposed to be just extra armor plating and don’t have any further function outside of that. There wasn’t any changes made to the swords as I felt that they still looked good for swords made almost 3 years ago.

Finishing this build meant I had most of the new Marzan faction aesthetic down and can proceed to making newer Marzan reFrames. The next build on my backlog is actually what immediately followed the Executor for the Marzan faction. Kindly look forward to it 🙂

reFrame Version 3.0 frame (instructions / full kit) now available
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