ARMT-LNCR11 Lancer Reborn

Originally from the pre-reFrame development period, the Lancer was an early attempt at making piloted mechs for military use but was too imbalanced and suffered from movement and weapon restrictions. This new version by ARMaTech features a whole new balance system, with extra leg supports that allow the Lancer Reborn to fire it’s newly improved RC-RHON94 with ease.

Classification: Long range Combat
(1) RC-RHON94
(2) SH-WD04A

ARMT-LNCR11 Lancer Reborn

Build Notes:

This is essentially just a revamped version of the LANCER I made back in January 2014. Fellow LEGO Mech builder and BMD founder Kelvin Low/Chubbybots built me a deformed version of it and that made me want to rebuild and update the LANCER with the v3 reframe system.

Messymaru and Chubbybots 😀

The original build still used a rough internal structure and this was before I made the reFrame system (version 1). Design-wise, the concept was to create an homage to the LED Mirage Inferno and Knight of Gold from Five Star Stories and takes a lot of design cues from it as seen in the head sculpt, color palette, huge backpack, and long rifle 😀

WIP Process:

As with usual process, I first rebuilt the head and made sure I got the “horn blade” look that’s a signature visual element with the LED Mirage Inferno. I had two pieces I wanted to use for this, the first being the airplane fin piece and the other being the Technic counterpart but I didn’t have this in white. I ended up going with the Technic wing piece and added a 2nd horn to accent / line up the horn with some red. Because I didn’t have the white version of the Technic wing, I contacted Kelvin in Singapore and asked if I could borrow one from him and return it once my order came in haha 😛


Since I was rebuilding this to the V3 reFrame, I also had to find some workarounds for the old body design and cockpit opening mechanism. That and the original build had these red wires embedded in the body unit so I also had to incorporate that into the V3 torso.


From there I moved on to the shoulders that still followed the old build’s look but with a better internal structure and the extra shield attachments. The arms were built similarly to the original forearms. but with the double jointed elbow.

The legs and feet were also built around the old design, taking most of the shaping and cleaning / fixing it up. I decided to keep the left thigh’s red striping as this was a key signature design piece from the original build.

A significant change in the leg design was the addition of extra heels / supports that would help balance the mech when it would fire its rail cannon.  This takes cues from the FSS Knight of Gold firing system found in the first volume of the FSS manga where the K.O.G. draws out it’s huge gun (which has a folding mechanism), gets “planted” in the ground with these extra supports, then shoots out a huge laser, decimating the enemy’s ship I believe.


The backpack build was again highly inspired by the LED Mirage Inferno’s huge backpack build with extra vents and what I believe to be fuel tanks? Or maybe energy source. I decided to add some air vents and exhaust ports along with some extra wires to give it a more realistic look.


The last thing to work around was the weapon build. This actually took longer than the arms and legs as it first required an auxiliary arm system that would be mounted from the backpack and hold the folded rail cannon when not in use. The second part would be the actual folding weapon that needed the barrel to align when drawn. The solution was to make the hinge out of the hinging 1×2 plates normally used for buildings to open up the walls to show the building’s interior.

Really happy with how this build turned out as it allowed me to further experiment on how I can plate the V3 reFrame internal mech structure system. The extra feet heels really help with balancing and might be something I’ll do for heavier builds.

reFrame Version 3.0 frame (instructions / full kit) now available
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