Mark V | Philippine

Primary Weapons – Shield Bruisers with Plasma Cutters
Secondary Weapons – Rear-mounted Long Range Anti-Kaiju Missile pods

A defensive melee-type Jaeger built for the Philippine Kaiju Defense Force. While most Jaegers built for the Kaiju War features mostly offensive loadouts, the Bruiser Prime was built with defense in mind, allowing it to hold off Kaiju attacks with its arm mounted shields.The Shield Bruisers are line with Plasma Cutters allowing it to cut through Kaiju physiology.

Build Notes:

Made for Brick Mecha Division‘s Pacific Rim Challenge for March – April. The idea was to make a Jaeger design that focused more on defense than offense as a way to stop or delay Kaiju attacks and minimize damage done to the civilian areas. From the earlier concepts I was thinking of going for one big shield with the trans orange blade pieces lined up on the sides and a sword but that felt too normal so I cut the shield build in half and mounted them on the arms, making the Shield Bruisers.

WIP Process:

Not a lot of documentation for this build as I was so focused on building most of the body pieces that I forgot to take pics 😛 But yeah as written in the build notes, it started with the shield build and as all my other mech builds, the head would set the tone for the rest of the mech.


I then proceeded to making the body. I actually used an old Bionicle foot piece as the core of the entire torso and just padded with mostly Technic parts to give it the rigidity needed to hold the shoulder, arms, back attachments while also having an abdomen joint.

The initial abdomen joint was actually just a rotation axis joint but redid it while lengthening the torso to become more of a abdominal crunching joint 😛

Test fitting with an old pair of legs from a dismantled build :p

This early version was just about the height of my reFrames but I needed this build to be a little bigger. Did a few more changes to the proportions such as lengthening the arms and bulking up the hip area for a better silhouette for that purpose and started on the legs.

Early completed version

This version was the initial finished version but got some feedback about the leg proportion being a little short especially with the elongated torso. This involved breaking apart the old knee and lower leg builds and changing the internal structure to go from 5 studs long to around 6 and a half studs long. This small change in the proportions gives the whole build a better overall look and stance.

Also did some more adjustments to the feet as the version here didn’t look as good as I wanted it to be. I eventually added a wheel for the heel and streamlined the shape of the foot.

reFrame Version 3.0 frame (instructions / full kit) now available
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