reFrame V3 Brick Mecha Frame Instructions PDF


Brick Mecha Frame

I designed and created the reFrame mecha skeletal structure back in 2014 as part of the creation of the Mech Wars universe. This base structure would serve as the basis for all builds in the MW universe and was built as a starting point to introduce Mecha building to new and old builders. It is designed to be modular in nature, allowing parts interchangeability between one Mech Wars model to another. The latest version is the v3 model, incorporating a new minifigure cockpit chest design while maintaining the same attachments for all other body parts.

Buying Notes:
Once purchased, you can redownload the files unlimited for 30 days. If you wish to reacquire the file after this time period, please contact me and send proof of purchase so I can resend the files.


Product Details
Digital Copy
20 Pages, full color print, English language
REV 201707-11

File size: PDF is Roughly 10MB. Excel file is around 300KB.

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