NESF-M07XX Mammoth

The newest heavy reFrame from the New Earth Strategic Trust, the Mammoth was designed to be a high performance, high defense, heavy hitter mech for defensive purposes. It is a huge improvement over the Goliath model and features a newer inner structure allowing for better balance and mobility even with the same defense rating.

Classification: Long range Combat
(1) AC-NBG12
(1) MS-VM4MM
(2) RK-SH2001X

NESF-M07XX Mammoth

Build Notes:

Built this last May 2018 mostly as a continuation project as I initially started the Mammoth’s head design a long time ago and had left it in my WIP bin.

The head design was probably what made me want to build this in the first place. I had an idea of a no eye head design for the build since it’s something I’ve never done. That and that I wanted the build to be in red and bronze (such a rare color). I also had an initial sketch of it from around a year ago wanting to make it a bulky looking mech to replace the Goliath build for the same faction but nothing too specific on the details.

Looking at it, the bulk of the build reminds me a bit of the Wanzers from Front Mission (wide hands, stumpy looking feet).

Wip Process:

There’s actually very little documentation for this build as the head was done a long time ago. This was also my second build for 2018 so I forgot all about taking wip pics (the first build for the year was a commission project that was derived from an existing design).


The body was also built fairly quickly with things just falling into place. The addition of the flipper vents for the chest was also something I had a vague idea of but wasn’t quite sure how I’d do them until I started building it. The arms were conceptualized faster than the body design as the shoulders are actually of a simple construction.


The legs turned out much better than I expected them to with the color blocking of the red vs DBG just giving it a striking appearance. The new vehicle mudguards also looked really great on the side of the thighs.

The missile pod attached as a rear weapon was also done a few months back as a table scrap build while I was cleaning up my work table. Basically had an idea for a missile design where the missiles would be at an angle.

Not much to this build except that things kinda just came together really fast 😛

reFrame Version 3.0 frame (instructions / full kit) now available
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