The Fulgur is a devastating close combat reFrame that has the unique ability to store electrical currents from the air into its shoulders and back units through Quorus catalysts. This allows it to electrically supercharge it’s FW-LICHTEN claws and can use it to deal all sorts of up close lightning damage. It’s a bad omen if you suddenly hear the sound lightning while inside a battlefield and by the time you’ve realized who you’re up against, the Fulgur has already made a nice salad out of you.

Classification: Melee



Build Notes:

Having submitted the Ritter, Izlude, and Paragon Alpha to the LEGO Rebrick Nexo Knight contest, I had a few days left before the contest officially ended (June 27, 10pm for me). I figured that I’d build a 4th entry just for the heck of it as there were a ton of good entries from fellow BMD members and just made me want to build a mech! 😀

I actually didn’t have an idea what I wanted to build though and decided to go through my unopened Nexo Knight sets that I purchased a few months back from a local sale. I was contemplating on either a dark blue Clay build or an enemy build and then I saw set 70348 Lance’s Twin Jouster lying around by my work table which had this really cool hooded rock wizard Rogul shooting out lightning. I primarily bought this set for the new cone pieces on the vehicle’s lances but secondarily bought it for the awesome looking baddie that had this evil elementalist vibe to it (actually reminded me of water elementals from World of Warcraft).

I then decided to build a lightning-centric mech for the Rogul wizard. It would have a similar color scheme to the Rogul minifig and most of the Wave 2 Nexo Knight bad guys with purple as a primary color then transparent light blue / sand blue.

WIP Process:

Oddly enough for this build, I actually started with the shoulder attachments as I really wanted a lightning conduit as a central design element to the build. I ended up making one with a LEGO Dimensions base in Transparent Light Blue and doing all sorts of weird connections around it. The original idea was to build a hovering mech with tiny feet like the Ikaruga and it’d have an R-Type like orb weapon floating on it’s hand but somewhere along the build process, the silhouette ended up too much like a frontliner melee mech so decided to give it lightning claws instead (my favorite WH40k Terminator weapons :D)

They actually turned out big and pointy so at this point, I scrapped the wizard/mage narrow shoulders big skirt idea in my head (shelved for a future build haha).

From here, I built the head which wasn’t so bad except the chin part. I badly wanted to use a trans light blue 2×2 dish for the eyes and have a pointy chin so I ended up using one of the Nexo shield tiles for that. I also had these purple bat wings lying around and felt like having them on the head just made the whole build look more sinister.

The body assembly followed after and didn’t really go overboard on the assembly for this one. Wanted to keep it simple enough that the whole build wasn’t too busy looking that I’d take attention away from the shoulder and weapons ;P

Something was just lacking with the hand claws

After a good night’s rest, I got to work on the legs which was originally built similarly to the Ikaruga using lampholders and wedge plates to get a sexy calf shape to it. I was actually surprised with how well the lower leg looked with this assembly but there’s some issue with the ankle articulation so I’ll probably play around with this leg assembly for a future build.



There was a point in the lower leg assembly that I was trying to reinforce the unorthodox assembly and badly wished I had those new 1×1 bracket pieces. I’ll edit this build with that piece once I have it but for now, it stands 😛  

At this stage, I’m thinking to myself that the finger claws just aren’t cutting it and I remember having scrapped claw weapons from the first iteration of The Bat. I wanted to reuse those claws for this as lore-wise, they’re built by the same faction/corporation so it made sense 😛 Swapped out the gold katanas for these lightning swords from the Ninjago line that had the right look and feel.

Ankle articulation test and stability checking

The last bit was actually designing the back and figured it would have been more of an visible lightning unit filled with all sorts of trans blue elements to give it that nice layered crystal look. Ended up using that Nexo Knights windshield in trans light blue and added some lightning bolts inside to make it look like bolts were sparking out.

Overall pretty happy with the build especially that it was a rushed overnight build 😀 Normally I’d develop the back more for this but maybe I’ll do that for a version 2 ;P or a sibling mech hehe. I do hope the build is Nexo Knights enough and here’s me crossing my fingers for the Rebrick contest XD

reFrame Version 3.0 frame (instructions / full kit) now available
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