NESF-M08TS Jackal

The NEST Special Forces have retrofitted the Seeker Mk. II into the NESF-M08TS Jackal, focusing more on upgrading it’s offensive capabilities with the addition of the MS-DMSMQLR2 shoulder missiles and a lighter yet equally powerful SR-0004a U-Type Sniper Rifle. It also has twin auto guns mounted from the back to give it extra firepower in medium range combat.

Classification: Mid/Long range Combat
(1) SR-0004a U-Type

NESF-M08TS Jackal

NESF-M08TS Jackal

Build Notes:

This is actually a rebuild of the Seeker Mk. II and is my very first entry for Brick Mecha Division’s Rebuild challenge. Basically I kept the dessert military color scheme with this with the tan and brown with trans red. For the weapons, I decided to ditch the radar seen on the Seeker Mk. II and swap them with some shoulder mounted missiles for some extra punch. Lastly, had to shrink down the sniper rifle as the old was just way too big for the scale. I kept the bullet chamber mostly the same and modified the rifle butt to fit the scale better.

WIP Process:

This was actually done really quick (overnight!) as I wanted to squeeze it in for the Japan Brickfest as a new build. The Seeker Mk. II has actually been on the rebuild shelf for quite some time so it was just a matter of when I’d do it. The head design of this was taken from the head build challenge we had a few months back and designed it as part of the head building tutorial. The body design has also been on the work shelf for quite some time and had always wanted to use it for a new NEST military build (it was previously in LBG).


Most of the challenge for this build was how I adjusted the old Seeker to the new reFrame v3 body. The original build was using the V1 narrow frame and had a really thin width for the chest area, allowing it to go into a sniper position while kneeling. I had to still keep this for the rebuild and involved having to keep the shoulder and chest plating as parts efficient as possible and having this on a double jointed elbow assembly.


Most of the shoulder design was just translated over to the new shoulder frame of the V3 reFrame. The thighs are pretty much the same assembly with very minor revisions to just maintain the look but the knees, lower legs, and feet were completely rebuilt to fit the new look.

The last part of the design was deciding on what back weapons to give this guy. Figured I wanted something a little more agile in case he runs into some trouble after changing sniping positions so gave him two Auto Guns that use the blaster 1×4 brick piece and just swivel in between the head into the shoulders, a fit that I had not intended but looked like it belonged there 😀

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  1. Not only the MOC looks great, as a fellow blogger I admire the quality you have given to the post, congratulations!

    1. @lobo7922 Thank you for the kind words 🙂 I really put a lot of time and effort with each MOC and post associated with it since I really want to give people a better idea about the entire build, process, and design notes attached to them 😀

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