AL-KT02GS Izlude

Based on the Ascendant Lord’s Paragon reFrame, the AL-KT02GS Izlude is a 3rd generation reFrame that’s been commissioned for Capt. Tengille of the Knights Templar order. Due to the new frame’s improved balance and performance ratings, it’s even deadlier in melee than previous Ascendant Lord reFrames and coupled with it’s AX-KTHEAT2 Axe, it can easily cleave through enemy armor. The Izlude also has the SH-KTHTR shields mounted from its back that immediately swings to deflect melee blows, allowing the Izlude to shift from offense to defense in a split second.

Classification: Mid range Combat

AL-KT02GS Izlude

Build Notes:

This is actually a commission piece from someone who really liked the Paragon build I made a few months back. Actually, I’ve been wanting a better version of that build as the Paragon had some balance issues due to the reFrame ver2 backpack cockpit so this was the perfect chance to do just that.

Main inspiration for this build is actually one of my favorite Knight characters from Final Fantasy Tactics named … Izlude. So yeah the whole Knight Templar dark green + gold trimming is based from that character design but translated into LEGO form. The axe was actually requested by the client and was pretty happy with how it came out.

This is the 3rd Mech Wars reFrame I’ve built using the ver3 frame and so far, working with it has been much better than the first two versions. I’m actually selling ver 3 mecha frame kits but will do separate detailed post on that soon.

WIP Process:


As with most of my builds, I started with the head for the Izlude by basing it on the Paragon’s head design but with the Nexo Knight Macy visor instead of the Aaron one and with dark green + pearl gold as the colors. I actually wasn’t happy with how this looked as  there was an awkward gap between the front top slope and the visor and decided to rework it.


So ditching the top spike and just focusing on having the 1×3 “ears”, I was pretty happy with the look. The top of the head got some pearl gold striping in there and this became a key aesthetic for the rest of the build later on. I’m also testing here the shoulder pauldrons using the mudguards from the Mini Cooper set (I had ordered a set of 4 mudguards from BrickLink months back). The body here is actually just a test body for a reFrame build I was trying and wasn’t anywhere near what I wanted the Izlude’s chest design to look like.


Here’s the initial shoulders and body first versions. Originally for the shoulders, I wanted to use a Nexo Knight printed shield as a sort of besagew like in medieval plate armor while at the same time imitate the badges and crests that’s found in Warhammer 40k Grey Knights design. The inner structure used for the shoulder here is exactly the same as the Mosbach as well with the earlier mudguards mounted as the shoulder attachments (via clip and bar connections).



While building the Izlude, I had actually dismantled the Ritter, an old Knight build I had lying around for the longest time and was the basis for all Ascendant Lord builds I’ve done over the years. It was long due for a dismantling / upgrading and I used its legs to test fit the shaping on the Izlude.


And the finished base of the Izlude. I was pretty happy with how the shaping turned out and how I was able to consistently do the gold – black – gold striping using bad robot arms and clips all over the build. I actually left the build at this state for around 2-3 weeks as I just couldn’t think of how to go about the weapons and the back attachments.


And then after that 2-3 break, this happened in one build day ๐Ÿ˜› Finished the axe (that folds and is tucked in the back via a clip) and figured out the boosters + reactive large shields and loved how it suddenly went from a sleek knight build to this bulky axe wielding warrior. At some point, I was thinking it also started looking like a beetle knight and that was in a good way.

It took me another month before I finally got around to taking photos of this the month of May was just really hectic. Good thing is I’ll be able to bring this guy over to the Japan Brickfest Fan Weekend 2017 happening in Kobe this June 10-11 ๐Ÿ˜€ After that, I’m going to arrange this to be shipped to his new owner along with a custom-designed instruction manual.

For those interested in LEGO mech building, I put out an eBook over at Amazon Kindle a while back called Mech Wars Instructional Primer. If youโ€™re looking for a resource that could help you start or even improve your mech building skills, you might find this eBook useful๐Ÿ˜€

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