QH 1.7 Queen of Hearts by Omar Gonzales

If there’s something about the mechs Omar Gonzales (a.k.a. Chokolat Shadow) builds, it’s that they’re always excellently built with an amazing color palette and a fine attention to detail. His newest mech named the Queen of Hearts is the first of a series of builds entitled “Royal Flush” and is themed along the 4 houses of playing cards.

QH 1.7 - Queen of hearts

QH 1.7 - Queen of hearts

I fell in love with this build immediately after seeing it on Flickr. There was just something about the whole build that appealed to me, starting from that attention-grabbing ornate weapon, then to the intricate gold details coupled with the red and white color scheme, the purple drone that’s apparently a high-tech hover wheelchair, and lastly you see a fig and think “oh dang this thing fits a fig pilot?!”

Going through the description write up by Omar, the backstory to this is interesting and personally think was well thought of (inspired by Alice in Wonderland hence the naming). The shaping on the mech makes it look like it has a skirt and the gender with the drooped narrow shoulders definitely has a more feminine vibe to it. There’s all these tiny details that you can easily miss at first glance like the the CMS Genie head jewel and the cherries at the end of the scissor polearm.

I mentioned in the introduction how Omar is really known for great color palettes that you don’t normally see in LEGO mech builds. This mech is no exception and features a striking white and red color scheme and pearl gold for detail. The color blocking is well done as you see a consistent use of red for striping along the major white areas and helps differentiate one body part from another.

Looking at it really reminds me of the G Gundam series. You have both cards as a central theme to the mechs and  these ships that carries them to their respective Gundams.

Omar has also set this build as part of the reFrame universe which is LEGO mecha universe I had created for Mech Wars and his build really does fit the current aesthetic and is a welcomed addition 🙂

He has a few more pictures over at his Flickr Feed so I do highly suggest checking those out (especially for the back view that shows the cockpit :D)

For those interested in LEGO mech building, I put out an eBook over at Amazon Kindle a while back called Mech Wars Instructional Primer. If you’re looking for a resource that could help you start or even improve your mech building skills, you might find this eBook useful 🙂

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