Modular Mech Hangar ver. 01

I’ve been wanting to create a “base” for my mech builds for quite some time now and had planned this hangar build since 2015. 

Modular Hangar v1

It was only recently that I was able to finally complete the build though, having gone through multiple breaks in the build due to lack of parts, ordering parts, waiting for parts to arrive, and redoing some of the initial plans because they weren’t feasible options.

Build notes:

Structure builds are much harder for me compared to mech builds. With mechs, I don’t always need a sketch to start as long as I had a clear concept of what I needed to build but when I did need to draw up a concept, years of doing that (from my addiction with anything Mecha :P) made the process relatively fast and easy. For structures though, especially industrial-type / sci-fi structures, I had to look for visual eye candy to help me get started. After digging around Pinterest, I finally had a better idea of what I wanted to make for my 32×32 stud hangar.

Hangar planning

Here’s the initial sketch of the design I wanted. There would be a conveyer belt or rail pathway that would help bring the mech in (it is a hangar after all so mechs would be brought in for maintenance). I needed some fortifying structures that weren’t coming from the ceiling or walls as well to kind of hold the mech or at least give the impression of a divider. Lastly, there would be beams to hold these dividers in place but I wanted them looking like they were part of a larger base structure and needed to look burried into the flooring.

I had actually started building this but then realized I didn’t have enough parts for the conveyor belt design so it was 3 weeks of waiting for my BrickLink order (luckily, a good friend was in UK at the time so I had parts shipped to him and he carried it back home. Normally, a BL run would take months due to my country’s *ehem* Customs practices).

Hangar-Base-StandardBefore going into the actual construction, I had discussed with my local group of LEGO builders how we wanted to tackle this modular hangar project. The end goal was for each builder to make his own hangar with building standards set so we could just connect all of our individually designed hangars together and it would still look cohesive. The above image is what we ended up with as a base to all our modular hangars.

Modular Mech Hangar A LDD test build

I actually don’t have a ton of WIP pictures as building the hangar was mostly just copying what I had designed in my LDD. I felt that for something like an industrial hangar / building, creating it blindly would take too much time in the long run so I spent around 2 nights creating my LDD hangar.

Very happy with how it turned out and I’m hoping to build a second identical hangar so I can put two mechs side by side when I have a display 😀

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