RF-X02/FA “Armadillo” by Caleb

I’ve been waiting for Caleb‘s take on my reFrame for a while after he had informed me of his purchase of the Mech Wars primer and was completely blown away when I saw his completed build yesterday on my Flickr feed. Being a well established mech and overall science fiction themed builder, it brings me great joy to know that such a prolific builder has created a reFrame of his own (and an awesome one at that!).

RF-X02A/FA "Armadillo" Automated Combat System

RF-X02A/FA "Armadillo" Automated Combat System

The idea behind Caleb’s RFx02/FA “Armadillo”, as explained by his description”, is a mass produced model with an automated AI controlling the whole mech. The base model (as shown above) has that blocky grunt feel to it, combined with extra details such as pistons and hydraulics, that give it this overall mass produced look. The color usage is kept to a monochromatic palette of greys, black, and hints of yellow for the “interior details”.

It was surprising how we both ended up making similar concept builds (mine being the reFX01) and even share similar parts usage although we didn’t plan any of it. What sets Caleb’s build aside however is an additional Full Armor package that really just blew my mind (awesome job at this idea!)

RF-X02A/FA "Armadillo" Automated Combat System


RF-X02A/FA "Armadillo" Automated Combat System

We can see here how the mech just becomes a totally different beast with this heavy armor look. I have to admit, I like this over the base design as it looks like it could take on any opponent head on and how the entire thing is modular!

RF-X02A/FA "Armadillo" Automated Combat System

Thoroughly enjoyed Caleb’s build of his reFrame and looking forward to more of his creations 😀 I highly encourage anyone who is into LEGO mechs to check out his other mechs and robots.

Want to build a reFrame of your own? Feel free to check out my Mech Wars Instructional Primer eBook over at Amazon to help you get started on building your very own LEGO mech 😀


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