NESF-M07TSL Sailia

New advancements in the reFrame technology has allowed NEST engineers to develop better Quorus integration within the mech frames, resulting in the reFrame V3 framework. This new frame is more compact and lightweight but has improved defensive capabilities and pilot survival features. The lighter base also allows for an improved weapon carrying capacity and better mobility.

Testing the new V3 framework, the NEST Special Forces have rolled out the Sailia test unit. This will serve as a basis for future NEST reFrames and is currently undergoing field testing operations for evaluation and feedback. Part of the evaluation is testing the new weapon systems as the Sailia is equipped with the experimental weapons ER-YYG01XI Energy Rifle and RG-ELMARAIL Rail Cannon.

NESF-M07TSL Sailia

NESF-M07TSL Sailia

Build Notes:

This build actually started from reworking the reFrame inner structure by fitting the new Nexo Knights Battle Suit cockpit piece into it. I was finally able to acquire 2 of each of the 5 designs and I’m seriously loving this new piece!


First time I saw this piece, I immediately knew I wanted to try to incorporate it inside my reFrame but wasn’t quite sure if it was possible and how I’d connect the shoulder joint since the piece’s built in mixel joint was too low. After around 2 days of fiddling around, I finally came up with a way to slot two Technic ball socket pieces beside the minifig head securely, attach a new neck connection, and retain the proportions of my existing version 1 and 2 reFrame.

I’ve also been wanting to make a sand blue mech for a while now especially after seeing Freddy Tan’s Titanfall build over at the new Facebook group Brick Mecha Division (BMD) specifically for LEGO mech building which I co-admin along with Kelvin Low (he made the group :D) and Benjamin Cheh Ming Hann (creator of really awesome huge lego mecha :D).

So far I’ve been collecting sand blue parts for over 3 years and thought it was finally time to make a mech out of it. I almost ran out of parts and realized there’s still not enough sand blue elements out there >.> LEGO please revive sand blue as a color haha

WIP Process:

The Sailia started out as test plating on the new frame and me trying to figure out how I’d cover up the chest without using the colored chest panels that came with the battle suits. The reason for this is that if I built a mech that was outside the 5 set colors then I’d have some issues with color 😛 and well I really did want to use a custom chest design instead of relying on this piece.

When I was pretty happy with how I was able to cover up the cockpit, I then proceeded to convert the current plating to sand blue colors and design a brand new head for the build (the head seen in the pictures is actually an old unused head design I had lying around).

Sailia with the head, chest, and one leg done.

Converting most of the chest was easy enough since I had the roughly the same parts in sand blue. The harder part was creating the leg plating. I actually tried a new way to plate the legs here and was pretty happy with the result. I had also used a new design for the knee which gave a good amount of detail while also being functional 😀
Note: The early version of the head had an orange eye 😉

Almost finished with the base mech except for one arm.

I had decided to design the Sailia to look like it was part of a modern day military organization (as the NEST organization is a military organization). This meant plating with mostly straight slopes and tiles instead of adding a lot of curved plating pieces (there wasn’t a lot of curved sand blue anyway :P).

The classic standard AC setup 😛

When I had finished the base mech, I had to figure out where I’d slot in the shoulder weapons and the back weapons. Good thing I designed these mixel shoulders to have an interchangeable 1×1 brick slot which I slotted with a 1×1 modified brick with stud (headlight for the recessed look). The back weapons slotted into a Technic hole and I made 2 arm attachment so the Railgun back weapon could swivel into shooting angle. Decided to give it a missile launcher and a radar for the shoulder weapons and a heavy hitting rear weapon.

Due to the lightweight of the core cockpit piece, the whole build isn’t as heavy even with all the weapons and barely has any back-shifting weight problems (unlike my previous cockpit builds, the reFrame v2). Really happy with the new V3 frame and will be using it for my succeeding builds 😀

For those interested in LEGO mech building, I put out an eBook over at Amazon Kindle a while back called Mech Wars Instructional Primer. If you’re looking for a resource that could help you start or even improve your mech building skills, you might find this eBook useful😀



  1. Would it be possible for you to show how you added the ball joints for the arms in detail and how you covered up the mixed joints on the next knight piece?

    1. That’s actually somewhere in my Twitter feed 😉 and I’ll be releasing those frame details when I finish writing the new LEGO mech designing eBook I’m making (eta sometime may 2017 :D)

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