Vanguard-class Titan ver2.5 Instruction Manual


Vanguard-class Titan ver2.5
LEGO Replica model from Titanfall 2

  • Step-by-step full instructions for LEGO Vanguard-class Titan in FS-1041 colorway
  • Intended for teens – adult fans of LEGO who want to build their very own LEGO Vanguard-class Titan. Contains advanced building techniques.
  • The model was designed to be an articulated replica of the Vanguard and not an action figure. Some care is needed to handle the finished model.
  • Includes customization options for making your own colorway
  • Digital PDF file with bookmarks for easier navigation
  • Parts list included at the end, optimized for purchasing parts at
  • XML parts list included for use specifically with Bricklink’s upload and auto-generate wishlist
  • Physical parts not included

Buying Notes:
Once purchased, you can redownload the files unlimited for 30 days. If you wish to reacquire the file after this time period, please contact me and send proof of purchase so I can resend the files.

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Vanguard-class Titan ver2.5
LEGO Replica model from Titanfall 2

An upgraded version of my original Vanguard-class Titan model, the ver 2.5 Vanguard is a fully articulated LEGO mech model that was built to look as close as possible to the in-game version using only currently available LEGO pieces.
Total Piece Count: 995

Product Details
Digital Copy
60 Pages, full color print, English language
REV 201903-11

File size: PDF is Roughly 24MB


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