Ludens Kojima Productions Logo / Mascot Instruction Manual


LEGO Fan model of Kojima Productions Logo / Mascot

  • Step-by-step full instructions for LEGO Ludens for BOTH white and black colorway.
  • Intended for teens – adult fans of LEGO who want to build their very own LEGO Ludens. Contains advanced building techniques.
  • The model was designed to be an articulated replica of the 1/6 scale Ludens collectible and is not an action figure. Some care is needed to handle the finished model.
  • Digital PDF file with bookmarks for easier navigation
  • Parts list included at the end, optimized for purchasing parts at
  • XML parts list included for use specifically with Bricklink’s upload and auto-generate wishlist. Separate XML lists for white and black version.
  • Physical LEGO parts not included. DIGITAL INSTRUCTIONS (PDF) ONLY
  • BrickLink parts cost estimate, shipping to a USA address without shipping and handling fees (as of September 2020)
    • White: $180~190 USD
    • Black: $140~150 USD

Buying Notes:

Parts List Corrections (Feb. 2021)
Due to the amount of pieces this model has, proofing the entire parts list was much harder than my usual instructions and I unfortunately missed out on some pieces for both white and black versions. Thanks to a certain Mr. D.F., the missing pieces for the White version were pointed out and both color version parts list XMLs has been updated.

Under no circumstance should any of the files or its contents be resold or redistributed on any platform.
Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions about the files or instructions.

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LEGO Fan model of Kojima Productions Logo / Mascot

The Ludens is an articulated LEGO model that was built to look as close as possible to the Ludens 1/6 scale model collectible, using only currently available LEGO pieces. This instruction manual includes both white and black color versions of the model.

Finished model details:
Height (without Spear): 31.7 cm
Weight (estimate): 750g 
Total Piece Count White: 1521
Total Piece Count Black: 1558

Product Details
Digital Copy
103 Pages, colored, English language
REV LIM 2020913 VER1.0
Last updated: 9-13-2020
File size: PDF is Roughly 19MB

Ludens design, images, names, and all associated properties © Kojima Productions
LEGO Ludens Design & Instruction Manual © Messymaru 2020
All rights reserved.


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